Patient Advocacy

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We will assist with selecting the best plan for your needs by reviewing and comparing benefit plan policy options and locating healthcare professionals.


We will review your medical bills to ensure your healthcare professional submitted your claims correctly and accurately. This process will eliminate duplicate charges or incorrect codes.


We advocate on behalf of the consumer to dispute medical claims with health insurance carriers and/or healthcare professionals. Our ultimate goal is always to save the consumer money.

Education, Awareness and Preventative Services POST & CLAIM provides Patient Advocacy workshops on health insurance education, awareness, and preventative services to fulfill your government contractual needs.


WE EDUCATE consumers on how to utilize health insurance benefit plans, which preventative services, in-network, out-network, laboratory and screenings covered by health insurance carriers. Health insurance terminology (COB,DED,EOB).


WE BRING AWARENESS to consumers on how to understand what their out-pocket cost for medical procedures will be, their in-network/out-network options, how to utilize health insurance accounts FSA, HSA, and HRA .


PREVENTATIVE SERVICES, (annual physical, eye exams, dental and vaccines) screenings (mammograms, depression, blood pressure and diabetes) may be covered at 100% by health insurance carriers, and prevention counseling services.