MedicaL Billing

Front Desk Management

Check-In Process

We will train your front desk staff on how to verify a patient’s eligibility through insurance carrier portals. This will inform your staff of patient’s payment responsibility (co-payments, deductible, and co-insurance). A note will be documented in your Electronic Medical Records system of patient eligibility status and the patient's payment responsibilities.

Patient’s Demographic

We will train your staff how to enter a patient’s demographic (name, address, social security number, age, gender, telephone number, insurance ID, and group number) information accurately in your Electronic Medical Records system. Correct information is vital to avoid insurance carriers denying payment due to demographic errors.

Check-Out Process

The patient's next appointment is scheduled correctly in your Electronic Medical Records system. If necessary, the patient will receive a referral for a specialist, laboratory forms, and verify the patient’s telephone number. This is to ensure that you can contact the patient as a courtesy reminder for the next appointment.

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  • For-Profit Facilities & Non-Profit Organizations

  • Physicians Nurse Practitioners, Licensed Clinical Social Workers

  • Licensed Master Social Workers, Dietitians/Nutritionists

  • Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapist, and Midwives

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  • POST & CLAIM will perform a coding and billing analysis to identify your medical billing administrative tasks (FREE).
  • After the consultation is performed, healthcare professionals will be required to sign a contract.
  • POST & CLAIM will perform your medical coding and billing tasks as contracted.

We request healthcare professionals assign a point of contact person working with POST & CLAIM while manage your administrative billing tasks.

We will provide you with the education and training:

  • Improving documentation by utilizing current CPT/ICD-10 codes and modifiers.
  • Eliminating up coding and down coding.
  • Keep you abreast with the frequently changes that occurs in healthcare.
  • Medical Billing for Non-Profit Organizations- 7%
  • Medical Billing for For-Profit Facilities- 9%
  • A/R Management Only- 10%
  • Front Desk Management – Contact POST & CLAIM for rates